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MyMediaSystem and VDR

My website covers topics around VDR and MyMediaSystem alias MMS. MMS was formarly known as MMSv2, but changed its name by the end of 2006.

Nowadays VDR is mature and talking about VDR isn't very popular anymore. It's in every day use now ;-) But talking about MMS is! :-) So let's talk about MMS now.

Big TFT-TV are common sense meanwhile, but to handle media content with VDR isn't very confortable. Here comes MMS. MMS was especialy designed to handle media. From the beginning there hasn't been a focus on TV, so MMS is very much media content orientated, and it's running in my living-room on a KDE Desktop at highest resolution my TFT-TV can handle (1280x768). Watching picture slideshow is a dream! But there is a lot more you can do witch MMS. Interested? Click here.

The best of all, it free, it's for Linux, and everybody can take a share in supporting the developer. Well - I do!


Current Stable: 1.1.1

A video of MMS is available on YouTube. View is directly from here.
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