VDR-Xine Plugin now with VDPAU support (HOWTO)

[UPDATE]Read here, how to install VDR on Karmic Koala with Binary Packages.[/UPDATE] Reinhard Nissl managed to get his vdr-xine plugin going with Nvidia’s vdpau hardware acceleration support. What does mean HDTV and H.264 (mpeg4/avc) hardware acceleration is reality now on Linux! YES!
He instructed me on IRC#xine-vdpau and guided me through the installation process. He had enormous patience, and didn’t stop to help me, although my whole system is a real mess now, because of all my try-outs regarding xine, mlayer and vdpau compilations and installations. I still have difficulties with two channels. Some reported a flawless playback. Continue reading “VDR-Xine Plugin now with VDPAU support (HOWTO)”

Midnight: again a new theme for MMS (My Media System)

OK, I guess that’s the last one. My next holidays are far away, and such a theme isn’t possible while I’m working.
This theme is again an homage to all depressive ones. It’s really dark. The darkest dark, I’ve ever created so far, and the bird on the front page is looking mean too. What do you want more 😉
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Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)

I’ve finished another MMS theme. The project page is: http://mms.mymediasystem.net/index-12.html
I’ve called the theme ‘Ocean’ because of its color. I know, I will certainly earn a prize for creativity, but however.
MMS became quite big, regarding the amount of icons in the theme, so it’s always a battle which icon to design from scratch, and which to take from the old theme. Continue reading “Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)”

Mplayer-vdpau: Matroska (.mkv) and AVCHD (.mts) now both working

Nvidia released on 22th its new vdpau driver version 180.18, but not the corresponding mplayer-vdpau. One day later they also released a new mplayer-vdpau. The version 3263604.
I’ve reported a more or less working TwinView for vdpau version 180.18 on a x86_64 Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), but today the situation look a bit different: Continue reading “Mplayer-vdpau: Matroska (.mkv) and AVCHD (.mts) now both working”

vdpau 180.18 now supports TwinView – sometimes

Nvidia released on 22th December a new vdpau driver, the version 180.18. Here’s the release note:
http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=1882835. To be honest, I didn’t suck out much of it. So I’ve tested the x86_64 version against my three notorious candidates, like I did before for [1,2,3,4,5].

  1. Matroska (.mkv) still stutter (jerky playback)
  2. Sync_to_VBlank is still being ignored -> Tearing
  3. TwinView is working! (almost)
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xine-vdpau – the first contact

A little HOWTO on how to make VDR using the new VDPAU hardware acceleration…

[UPDATE]Read here, how to install VDR on Karmic Koala with Binary Packages.[/UPDATE] Like I wrote here, the xine developer team is working on an own implementation of Nvidia’s VDPAU video display driver, which is an H.264 hardware acceleration.

I’ve downloaded (checked out revision #106) the first alpha release here:

mkdir /usr/local/src/
svn co svn://jusst.de/xine-vdpau

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Ion – a tiny Media PC from Nvidia

First of all, the new thing about it isn’t its size, but its ability to work together with on Atom CPU from Intel. That’s not usual, since there’s been only one chip-set available so far, which is design to work with on Atom CPU, and that’s Intel’s 945GM. Now the GeForce 9400M chip-set will be able to cooperate with Intel’s low power and low buget CPU, the Atom. And you’ve read right. Continue reading “Ion – a tiny Media PC from Nvidia”