CoreAVC 1.9.5 released

I didn’t intend to write about CoreAVC anymore, since VDPAU from NVIDIA is doing its job more than excellently for me. Major parts of this Blog are actually about it. Nevertheless I’ve read through the changelog of the release of 1.9.5. And what must I see? They’ve fixed the Canon HF100 seeking issues. This is their changelog like they’ve posted in their forum. Continue reading “CoreAVC 1.9.5 released”

VDPAU: Nvidia 185.13 released

The release of Nvidia driver 185.13 was a bit confusing to me, because I couldn’t find any change log, which describes, what have changed, or added to the new release. Only after browsing and searching I’ve found the statement, that a bug with Compiz was fixed, and it’s now possible to use Nvidia VDPAU in conjunction with the Compiz Desktop without a significant CPU load (~50%), what is good news of course. Continue reading “VDPAU: Nvidia 185.13 released”

Setting up webcam on Linux

I’m sure this has been described thousands of times, but today it took me again almost one hour to find out how to set up the webcam application on Linux. This HowTo was made for Debian like systems, if you are experienced enough you can easily port this HowTo onto other distros like Fedora/Redhat, Gentoo or SuSE, too.
Here we go: Continue reading “Setting up webcam on Linux”

[solved] No sound via stereo jack with Philips LCD-TV

I’ve recently bought a quite cheap LCD-TV from Philips. It’s an 42pfl5603d. The TV has FullHD (1920×1080) resolution and is 42″ in size. These are actually the only features I’ve been keen on.
The first one I sent back, because the TV set didn’t react either on remote or local (side panel) key presses. Amazon sent a new one after one week and I’ve started again to build my new HTPC. This time I was almost finished, MMS (My Media System) was already running, and sound was the only big thing I’ve been missing. Continue reading “[solved] No sound via stereo jack with Philips LCD-TV”

[solved] ath5k missing on Intrepid Ibex after upgrade

Today I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex onto 2.6.27-11-14 and lost my perfectly working ath5k wireless driver for my Abit PCI-E Wi-Fi Card.
I’ve added this driver manually before, by installing linux-backports-modules-intrepid. But the dirver is gone today.
Reading a lot I’ve found only one working solution for me: I’ve installed them from source. This is a small HowTo on how to do it:
Continue reading “[solved] ath5k missing on Intrepid Ibex after upgrade”

My Media System 1.1.0 final released

On 8th of March 2009 I’ve was a witness of an historical moment. Anders Rune Jensen released the stable branch of his lightweight Open Source Media Center Solution for Linux: My Media System aka MMS.
After nine release candidates and a development time, that goes beyond the time (>3y) I attend this project, the stable version of MMS hit freshmeat. Continue reading “My Media System 1.1.0 final released”