Howto Map Mplayer Subtitle Commands on a Remote Control

I’ve been looking for a example where I could see, how subtitles for mplayer can be mapped on a remote control. But my search have been quite unsuccessful. Looking for lircrc, example, subtitles and mplayer didn’t return anything meaningful.

And if you build (check out) mplayer from source, there is a file called input.conf in the etc directory, where you can look up the mapping of the keyboard. At least I thought so. In the man page you can read: Continue reading “Howto Map Mplayer Subtitle Commands on a Remote Control”

TechniSat Skystar2 – The Final Solution

I apologize profusely, but the title is ironic. There actually is no real solution, I took another DVB card. And this after more than 5 years of agony.

Tonight I had a dream. In this dream I had a time machine. Many people would definitely do a lot crazy and interesting things with a time machine. But I would travel back in time, to the day where I was about to come to a decision which DVB card to buy for my new Home Theater PC running with VDR, and I would prevent me buying the Skystar2 DVB card somehow. Continue reading “TechniSat Skystar2 – The Final Solution”

How To Vanquish Rsync

It’s a shame! Rsync is an old, stable, field-tested, nice, quick and versatile tool for backups. And if you had bad luck, like I did, and just cut and pasted the first best example found on the Internet, and that example didn’t behave the way I thought it supposed to, you are lost, because all the solution I found at Google at the first page, sound more like voodoo, rather than a real and reasonable explanation. 🙁 Continue reading “How To Vanquish Rsync”