Reanimating Elsa 3D Revelator Glasses

Actually it was a few months ago, when this used to happen, but until today I was simply too lazy to report on th following:

I’ve bought a bunch of Elsa 3D Revelator Shutter Glasses at eBay for a few bucks a few years ago, and was quite happy with them, because almost all of them were working flawlessly. But after a while they started to drop out of function one after the other. They began to blink and flicker madly and on a irregular basis. And finally I came up with not a single working piece.

Yesterday my buddy Gigasan revealed that he made his own Blog work again, by simply updating to the latest version, and mentioned almost casually that he drop a few lines about reviving my (and his also) old Elsa 3D Revelator glasses this March. Here’s his short story on how he’s made my glasses work again:

Today Acmelabs came by bringing with him a box of broken Elsa Revelator 3D glasses. That sparked the idea to re-setup a rig do see what the old technology is still good for, an to see if the glasses were really done for.
I was able to revive the glasses for at least a while by reseating the lenses, simply pop them out of the frame and reseat them carefully. You can also puff-up the foam fitting. That usually helps for some time.
I set up the Above PC, which appears to be a minimal setup.
I was very pleased with the results on my 20? CRT – but I was blown away buy the Acer H5360, great contrast and colors, my own H5350 was ok, but limited in it’s refresh rate.

Since then all the glasses dropped out of function again after a while (few weeks). So I guess the whole procedure has to be repeated to make them work.
Chances are high to break the fragile plastic and loose the glasses for good.

Anyway – I thought it’s funny to write about it, since many people wrote a lot of howto’s about driver versions, cabling and stuff – but in my case it’s only about contacts and reseating the lenses.

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