About this Site

Hello and welcome to my Blog

Here are some information I like to share with you. I’d like to keep it FAQ-alike, so here we go:

  • Q: What is this site all about?
  • A: Basically, it’s about Linux, and things I’m up to at the moment. E.g. cycling.


  • Q: What’s the easiest way to navigate at your site?
  • A:Click on the Acmelabs Logo or home button on the upper left and page through the content. You can use search, or check out the tag cloud (Most Posted) or Categoriesto the right. If the internal search doesn’t suffice, use Google e.g. like this: site:blog.mymediasystem.net avchd mts mplayer


  • Q: Can I subscribe to RSS feeds?
  • A: Yes – IE9 or Firefox offers a RSS feed icon at your address bar. Chrome doesn’t. Install a RSS Feed Reader from Chome’s Web Store.


  • Q: Can I register?
  • A: Not at the moment. This site is yet too small for such things, like a community.


  • Q: What happens with my Email address in the comment field?
  • A:Nothing – You don’t need to supply it in order to post comments, and even if you do, it won’t be published neither used otherwise.


  • Q: Why doesn’t my comment show up?
  • A: You’ve just used more than two links in it. The spam filter treats it like ham (non-commercial spam).


  • Q: Why do some people have photos as their avatar, and some don’t?
  • A: If you’ve created an avatar at gravatar.com, it’s been used here automatically.



  • Q: Who are you, and where do you live?
  • A: My name is Andreas Saur, and I live in the southern part of Germany. I’m a graduated computer scientist.


  • Q:Do you have an e-mail, so I can drop you a message?
  • A:Sure. It’s acmelabs.blog (at) g m a i l (dot) com
  • Q:Comments are closed, why?
  • A:Simply because of too much spam posts. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “About this Site

  1. Sumit Khanna

    Hey man, thank you soo much for posting that comment on my site! I’ve bought an nVidia 8xxx series and the picture quality is amazing. There are still some artifacts, but they’re not bad and I’m sure they’ll get ironed out in later releases of mplayer-vdpau.

    Nice site too. I’m a graduate student myself in the states trying to finish up my thesis.

  2. acmelab68 Post author

    @Sumit Khanna
    Welcome and thanks!
    I read you bought a 8500GT. Well I’ve also got this GFX card, but also bought me two 8400GT for 25€ each. These and the 9300GT can also decode VC-1 streams. Why only these cards, and not the more expensive ones do all BluRay decodings, will be Nvidia’s secret I guess. (See list of supported cards here in this Blog).
    Btw, my impression is, CoreAVC will still play an important role for some time, because I think Intel and AMD/ATI won’t provide hw-decoding that fast, so your article is by far not useless. Really good work!

    Thanks for the feedback anyway :-)

    Greetings to the West Coast.


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