Block Sites For Good with Google Search

new Extention, which let you filter your search result. It’s called ‘Personal Blocklist’ and let you filter unwanted sites.

I’ve immediately added the sites has already blacklisted in their search results per default settings and added a few I came across lately. Here’s my current list. You’ve got to click on the link and use the block button, since there’s no import function yet:

Content Crap and Traps

Lyrics Crap and Traps

Would be really cool, if anybody would also share his favorite worth blocking sites, too. *G* it’s such a good feeling getting rid of experts-exchange, it’s such PITA, I’ve got no words for it! I’ve read people asking why experts-exchange is listed. If you do – leave this site, you didn’t understand what this site is actually about, and please don’t leave a comment. Thanks!

But sooner or later content farms will split up in small devisions with millions of domains and a blacklists won’t work anymore. Only a white list would bring a small relief, but this approach we’ve got already incarnated in form of the Facebook Like Button. Even then the war against greed, respectively appealing SEO optimized content crap won’t be over, because greed is an extreme mighty force.

Thanks Google anyway!



See next page for a list of German shops, which usually spoils the search result also:

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