GeForce 3D Vision vs. Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses

Nvidia 3D VisionSure, it’s an odd title, because Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses have been released 1999 and aren’t available anymore.

Well – at eBay they are.

Just imagine to use this new 3D webcam (Minoru) with Skype and see your partner on the other side in 3D.

I’ve read a lot about Nvidia’s new shutter glasses, the GeForce 3D Vision. And my first question was: Hey – can I use my old Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses with the new Nvidia driver on my Windows XP installation?

No, and this for various reasons.

Reason #1:
The last drivers are known to work with Elsa’s 3D Revelator flawlessly is the Windows driver 78.01 from August 2005. Supported cards up to this driver versions are basically cards from the 7xxx series. I personally know, it’s working on a 6800GT. So no support for 8xxx and beyond. This was also more or less the end of Nvidia’s unified driver architecture.

The last Stereo driver available at the moment is 174.76_Stereo.exe in combination with 174.74, but that won’t work for the 3D Revelator glasses.

[update]more recent drivers can be used, and due to a hack G80 based cards, like the GeForce 8600GTX are supposed to work too. Read here for more. . And/or read here‘re about my experiences with the drivers I’ve tested, and what worked for me.[/update]

Reason #2:
The new GeForce 3D Vision glasses are completely different connected to the system. The 3D Revelator IR sensor was simple plugged between the monitors VGA (DSub-25) cable and Gfx card. Nvidia’s infrared receiver is plugged into USB. Not a bad idea, since there are controls, like of/off button and the strength of 3D effect can be controlled by a wheel. This fact again make this two devices incompatible.

Reason #3:
Why should Nvidia support a very cheap and working solution from a already vanished competitor, ELSA? You can buy these glasses for less than 10 bucks at eBay. Why should spent people $200 then? For an on/off button + a wheel?

So I think it’s really time to say good bye to my old 3D Revelator glasses, since a call for a petition which aimed at making the Stereo driver Open Source is also dead for more than two years now. Ah and yes – I didn’t dare to dream about such a driver for Linux of course, this was all about Windows only.

Boy, I loved this glasses!

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  1. I hate the elsa glasses. 100% crap. Tried severel and they all start flickering at some point, very uncomfortable. Mine didn’t even turn on when I didn’t wear them because the cheap plastic had to be twisted so the loose wiring would connect. Simply the worst product in the world.

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