HOWTO install My Media System 1.1.0 (MMS) on Fedora9

9 ) Start mms as a non-root user: (Tip: Press Alt+F2 and enter mms)

mms -i keyboard -o opengl

  • If you configure MMS with “–enable-lirc“, lirc is also your default input device. You can have multiple input devices, just add lirc separated by comma to the “-o” switch, right after or before keyboard.
  • The “–opengl” switch brings animations to your MMS, default is sdl, which is non-animated. You can configure all general switches in the config file /etc/mms/Config

MMS starts now, and you should be able to see a screen like this one

Navigation – Keyboard:

  • Arrow keys: up, down, left, right
  • Enter: OK
  • End: Back/Exit
  • Home: Playlist toggle
  • Space: Menu

Navigation Mouse (touchscreen optimized):

  • click on the Icons to select them
  • click on the upper left icon to go back
  • Keep left mouse button pressed and drag it up or down for scrolling


  • –disable-inotify” is useful if your media content resides on a samba or nfs share. Use this switch, else it’s very slow. The disadvantage is, that you have to invoke “reload” in MMS to reflect the changes on your file system (e.g. if you got new movies, pictures …)
  • If you should encounter troubles with the Livna repository and xine installation, read the given links for details.
  • Lirc can be diffucult to handle (novice) and it’s not part of this HOWTO. Read about Integration of Lirc, VDR and MMS here.
  • If you should encounter problem, you can either post a note here, or at our official forum. If you should encounter a bug, it’d be really cool if you report this thing to our bug-base.