Hydrino – A Gamesmanship

The Fleischmann-Pons experiment was brought to the public 1989. Randell Mills surprised the public with his Hydrino theory approximately ten years later. What do these two events have in common, beside they both claim to produce clean inexhaustible energy?

I will answer this question, but I must point out utterly, that this is my very personal opinion, and I actually don’t really understand quantum physics or stuff like that. I’m a graduated computer scientist and have done some very limited studies on this matter.
But pretty soon it came to my mind that there’s something wrong with Hydrinos.

So let me answer the opening question a bit later and let me introduce Randel Mills Hydrino theory, or like he calls it, the Classical Quantum Mechanics (CQM) theory. I’d like to explain this theory in very simple words, because I’m really not an expert.

This CQM theory says, the electron is a flat disk around the nucleus. Unlike in the established quantum field theory (QFT), the electron isn’t a (unimaginable) probability cloud, neither a single point/particle in an orbital position. Mills claims, an electron is a spinning two-dimensional sphere, which, and now it’s getting exciting can enter states below ground states. This means, the electron can come closer to the core and in doing so it emits photons. This is also known as electromagnetic radiation, which is nothing else but gamma rays, visible light or heat (infra red light). The last radiation source can simple be used for energy production through a steam engine and a dynamo. Btw: The company Mr. Mills is running is called: BlackLight Power.

A shrunken hydrogen atom – an atom where the electron has entered a state below the ground state Mr. Mills calls a Hydrino. This would make a hydrogen atom -and that’s the thrilling part – an energy carrier, like wood/coal, oil or uranium. This of course means the end of all energy concerns – no peak oil discussions – no food for oil talk, no ‘Americans are world champions in wasting energy‘ anymore. Your gas tank would be called water tank and you just would need to open your faucet in order to travel from A to B. Doesn’t this all sound very tempting and nice?

Too nice to be true?

Not necessarily!

The irritating part of Mr. Mills theory is, that it contradicts the Classical Quantum Field (not Mechanics!) theory, which work for physicist for more than 100 years now very well. This theory predicted a lot today known effects and facts, which are used by almost everybody in the world nowadays. Examples are CD-Player, GPS devices, modern hard disk drives in your computer and much much more.
The problem about the quantum field theory is, that it’s so damn freaky, nobody in the world can at least roughly imagine how it really works. We know only, it works, and it works very well.
In other words: We have a rule set for the quantum field theory, derived from endless experiments, and they predict and approve (almost) all phenomena in nature pretty well, but it goes far beyond human imagination.

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