Hydrino – A Gamesmanship

This though might’ve been driven Mr. Mills, and he might have said one day in his bathroom, right after dashing his head against his bath tub: ‘Hey, I can explain it all much much easier than this harebrained quantum field theory does. I call this baby classical quantum mechanics, and hey – hydrogen is a energy carrier then‘.

What’s the problem with this statement? Well – here you can read, why (sorry the language) this Hydrino theory is bullshit. As mentioned before, I’m not an expert, but if you didn’t spend your time at high school digging in the nose, at least not full time, you might can follow yourself those equations, and see yourself, why Hydrinos can’t work.

To sum it up: There is no state below ground state, because you neither can’t go more south if you are already standing exactly at the very south pole itself.

But – and that’s the ugly part – Mr. Mills is laughing at us. Why? Because like all good physicists Mr. Mills has a working experiment which is backing up his theory. This experiment has been reproduces and verified several times in several places and by independent organizations.
All experimenter observed a significant heat emission, which can’t be explained by classical combustion processes. In these experiments one could produce energy by a water bath calorimetry, like mentioned above, with an steam engine and an electro-dynamo.
Everybody in the world can come up with his own theory of something, but one should have an experiment that validates it and this reproducible. Mr. Mills seems to have both.

Here – I see Mr. Mill cocking a snook at us – because he has an experiment, which allegedly can’t be explained by other, but his own theory. So he has an experiment plus a theory and we don’t.

And not only that.

He and his employees managed to collect more than $60 million dollar, all private funds. A 50KW reactor is told to be ready to go into production soon – a 250MW pilot plant with Estacado Energy Serves and Farmers’ Electric Cooperative, Inc. of New Mexico are being build.

Mr. Mills seems to be not only an excellent physicist but also a outstanding marketing and PR manager. Unlike those days, when Fleischmann and Pons shocked the world with their cold fusion experiment, and two-third of all experiments couldn’t reproduce the heat effect, Mr. Mills is able to even sell his absolutely save energy producing device, and make money of it.

Just imagine, the Hydrino would be nothing else, but a different way of cold fusion. Where you can’t be save, because this process is almost not understood, and transmutations in many other experiments regarding the cold fusion have been reported.
Let me explain transmutation in simple words again. If you take for example iron and you make in a fancy process gold of it, we would call it magic, but the physicist call it transmutation. This is no science fiction, but have been done several times in cold fusion experiments already. The problem is – you earn not only heat, but also very hard radiation.

This would definitely spoil all your commercial tendencies. And that’s all why we don’t have commercial cold fusion energy production today. We’ve got a pretty good theory how cold fusion might work, but unfortunately we can’t control this process reliably yet, and it is far from being save. The one who can say, he can do cold fusion and the only by-product is He4 (Helium kids use to inhale at children’s birthday parties), will not only win the Nobel Prize but also will surly earn a packet.

But thanks god, Mr. Mills has nothing do to with cold fusion, and his Hydrino is save as apple pie.

You’re missing the conclusion from the opening question? Well – if you really still miss it, read the last part again.

There is no difference to me, I think it’s all based on cold fusion and Hydrino and the rest of his so called theory is nothing but a red herring, a gamesmanship and nothing else. You can’t sale a device, from which you don’t exactly know how and why it’s working at all. And you definitely won’t sell a single piece to anybody, when your device is labeled : “driven by principles of cold fusion“.

Fleischmann and Pons earned malice and sarcasm for their cold fusion experiment, and they can’t buy nothing for their rehabilitation today, but Mr Mills invented a completely new and save technology, with its own physical theory and is going about to make money.

Smart somehow, let’s see how long he can get away with it.

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