Issues with CoreAVC

I’m trying to run CoreAVC on Linux. The version I’m using is CoreAVC 1.8.0.
But it doesn’t work for footage from Canon’s HF100 or the Panasonic HDC-SD100. It’s stutter as hell if one let it run in interlaced mode, and if you are going to seek within the content, the playback behaves like a slideshow afterwards. Here’s my post I’ve send: See this Post

I’ve also for the schedule of the version 1.8.5. But yet without any answer: See this Post

It’s funny, but if you google for

linux avchd playback

it’s the third hit in Google’s search result. It seems I’m not the only one, who’s looking for a solution.

PS: I’ve posted a (poor) workaround, which works for me right now. I’m using mplayer (svn) without CoreAVC in the living-root atm, but I’m loosing sync. Anybody an idea?

[UPDATE] On 17th of October 2008 CoreCodec published the version 1.8.5 of his CoreAVC decoder.
I will report, if playback of AVCHD footage is possible meanwhile or not.
[UPDATE] At the moment it’s not working at all. I’m getting a Segmentation Fault, if I perform this line:

dshowserver -c -s 1280x720 -g 09571a4b-f1fe-4c60-9760de6d310c7c31 -b 12 -f 0x34363248 -o 0x30323449

like suggested by the coreavc-for-linux project.
I’ve reported this circumstance at their forum. Let’s see what happens next.


The Segmentation Fault has been fixed by Alen. See here:
Matroska (.mkv) is playing just fine, but AVCHD footage from my camcorder still doesn’t work properly. Read more here. Here’s a preliminary list of affected camcorders. Read here for a workaround.

3 thoughts on “Issues with CoreAVC

  1. I’ve got stuck building the current coreavc-for-linux, because the patches didn’t apply cleanly. Seems like there are no activities regarding the development on this project anymore.
    But: I’ve just read the “Issues” Tab ( ) and people not part of the project just provide their own patches in order to apply cleanly against the current trunk of mplayer.

    Thanks guys for it!



  2. Thanks for keeping up on this. Hope to see a compiled binary for us 64bit users soon!

  3. Hello Erik,
    I’ve created a little howto, and there’s also a link where you can download the binary package.
    hope it works for you. feedback welcome.

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