I’ve clicked on the pre-order button, and saw the shipping costs (picture below):

So we’ve got
$44,85 shipping + $299 = $343.85 (Australian Dollar) for the basic model
and the pro costs:
$59.85 + $399 = $458.85 (Australian Dollar) for Pro version.
If we take todays exchange rate for USD/AUD of 1.4985, this device would cost in US Dollar: $226.94
and for Europe: EUR/AUD €178.80

The Pro Version: would cost $306.21 US Dollar or €238.60 Euros.


The word agoraphobia, the fear of critical public situations, derives from agora in its meaning as a gathering place.

I think I’ll wait until a decent review was made for these devices.

The Kogan company was founded by the Russian business man Russlan Kogan. The company offers cheap Flat Panel TVs, BluRay-Player, Camcorders, etc. The low product price is told to be the result of the companie’s motto. A flash animation states: “Leave traditional retail back in the stone-age”.
Which means to leave out as much middlemen as possible. Don’t know whether this unique idea will deserve a Nobel Prize, but I’m tense to read the first “Hands on Agora” review anyway.
Ah, forgot to mention. The CPU is 624MHz (Type?), and it’s told to play back content such as AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, H263 and H264, MPEG4. FM radio also included.
I’m asking myself, what sense does a playback of an H264 content make on a 320×240 screen? However – let’s wait.

…is this the iPhone killer? Affordability, could this break Apple’s neck?