Linux Administration: The Top of the Tops

top 5 Linux top commandsIf you are a Linux beginner and want to look like a pro instantly, this is the right article for you!
Joke aside – it’s actually not for beginner only, these are my tools I’m using on a every-day basis. And I can’t imagine to live without them anymore. I’m going to show You my top 5 Linux command line top tools. This is actually a word pun, or a recursion, because the tools I’m talking about, do have the word ‘top’ in them. Here goes my extremely helpful collection:

My Top 5 Top Tools

    htop screenshot

  1. htop

    a much more versatile replacement for top – awesome!

  2. jnettop - monitor your nic traffic

  3. jnettop

    list all your networt traffic in a top-alike fashion – great!

  4. iotop - monitor all your io-devices

  5. iotop

    list your IO throughput over all your devices – extremely helpful!

  6. Look, what holds your CPU from going into a lower P-state

  7. powertop

    identifies processes, which keeps your CPU from entering a lower power state – pure money!

  8. monitor your virtual manchines

  9. virt-top

    shows all libvirt-based (qemu,kvm,xen) virtual machines in top-alike fashion.

If you are on a more or less recent Ubuntu like Karmic, an
aptitude install <my-top-commend-from-above-here> should be suffice to make use of them.

I’m pretty sure, this list is by far not complete – so if you like to share a helpful top-commands with me – please do!

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