Theme Update for My Media System 1.1.2 (Midnight- and Ocean-Theam)

My Media System, the light Open Source Media Center for Linux, is going to be released the next couple of days. The new thing about it is, as far as I know, the rip plugin from Lutz Thielmann (forum name: Magicamun) and many bug fixes. The rip plugin does, what you suspect it to do, it rips audio CDs onto your hard disk. Few month ago I’ve provided already an appropriate icon for the standard theme, but now it’s time to update my other two themes as well. Here we go:

Screenshots and Download

Installation of MMS 1.1.2
Let me drop a few words about the installation of the new MMS. My target system is a Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) installation, and it’s a x86_64 system on a Intel Q6600. The kernel is 2.6.31-14. I was happy to see, that MMS uses now (or loger, dunno) the PPA system from Launchpad. That’s nice, since Karmic now support PPA out out the box. Just read here how it can be done, without manually messing with /etc/apt/sources.list (don’t take the binaries mentioned there, that’s another topic).

After adding the binaries (and if you like the deb-src, read later why) to the repository, the installation is really simple. Just perform a

aptitude install mms mms-plugin-rip mms-plugin-weather ...

and so forth. An aptitude search "MMS-" on the console gives you an impression, what all is available for installation. For me, the rip plugin was interesting, because I needed it for the theme update. That’s why I did a

aptitude install mms mms-plugin-rip

If you do only that, you won’t get much beside a Rip, Quit, Options, Search and Themes icon, but as mentioned before, it’s enough for me.

Hitting <Alt><F2> and typing mms followed by an Return starts MMS. In my case the rip icon didn’t appear, because it crashed already at the time mms was starting. That’s why it’s recommended in case of an error, to launch mms from a console window and see what debug messages MMS provides. In my case MMS told me this:

dlopen failed with error: /usr/lib/mms/plugins/ undefined symbol: _ZN6CD_Tag13LoadEntryDataEPKc
Error loading plugin: /usr/lib/mms/plugins/

Read on the next page, how you can build MMS from source and the future version of MMS: 1.2.0