My Media System (MMS) 1.1.0 RC9 released

My Media System (MMS), the light, fast and easy Open Source Media Center for Linux released yesterday in the version 1.1.0 RC9. This is going to be the last release candidate before final. If all goes as planed, around Christmas we’ll have finally a new stable MMS version. The last stable version was version, and was released on Monday 20. of August 2007. But 1.1.0 is different. Actually it’s almost a rewrite of the whole code.
This RC9 is a real milestone. Many new features and some real ugly bugs have been removed (Thanks Lorenzo). The removed bugs list is quite impressive anyway (see link below).
Here are some notes on the new or brushed up features

  • VDR’s EPG integration is really fantastic now. All VDR channels, EPG-entries and timers are now conveniently accessible from the Timers- or the EPG menu. You can also search the EPG with keyboard and remote control (Lirc). My is 1.5MB and it’s really fast.
    I don’t know of any Media Center application with such a deep VDR integration like MMS. Thanks you Lutz.
  • Another new feature makes it possible now to start right into the plugin you like. The most benefit I see here for the TV plugin. After the start of MMS, VDR pops up, without any sign of MMS. Only if you quit VDR, MMS gets visible for the first time.
  • makes it possible now to generate a playlist, which is created from similar tracks. You know, the feature, “people who listened to this, also listened to that…” and other stuff. Btw. don’t You like to join the MMS group?
  • Audio support for gstreamer and pulseaudio was added , also Lirc improvements on saving playlists and the ability of creating and maintaining playlists is new.
  • You can easily try out the new MMS 1.1.0 RC9. If you’re using Ubuntu or Debian in general. Roman Müllenschläder (our busy bee), already created the latest .deb packages. See here a complete list. But what we need now urgently is the update of our new Wiki. Feel free to support us.

For a full list of bugfixes and features read here the official announcement of the developer, Anders Rune Jensen.

A complete review of the new My Media System 1.1.0 final will be posted on this site, as soon the stable release hits my hard disk.

If you have question, visit these sites:

If you need the logos for the EPG plugin, Get them here. The default in /etc/mms/EPGConfig is /etc/vdr/logos

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