MyMediaSystem 1.1.1 on Ubuntu Server 12.04 (Precise)

mms-yr-weatherThis HowTo describes the compilation and installation of mms-1.1.0-2296 on an Ubuntu Server 12.04 (Precise). Actually there’s much more to it, since I’ve done major changes in some places. E.g. the core of the weather plugin is completely rewritten. Since Google abandoned its weather-API, I’ve been forced to look for a new weather source. Thanks to I’ve found an excellent and free source. A big thanks! But: the weather plugins is working here for almost one month, and it’s actually doing its job, but there are tons of debug messages on the console and there are also a few bugs still. yr.noNever the less, the new weather plugin isn’t the main reason for this blog post. It’s the circumstance, that it’s not straight forward to compile against g++ 4.6.3. I’ve was forced to modify some Makefiles. Basically the -l switch, which is responsible for resolving the symbols in a library had to be placed at the very end.
I’ve also replaced the old tinyxml source and fixed a few compilation error in the python plugin.
I presume you’ve got an X and a window-manager already installed. I’ve simple use open-box (apt-get install openbox xinit X11-xserver-utils and start it via startx ).
Here goes the HowTo now.


  • If your Ubuntu server setup is fresh and you have no packages installed, do this:
    apt-get install g++ autoconf build-essential libimlib2-dev libncurses5-dev libsqlite3-dev libtag1-dev libsdl1.2-dev liblircclient-dev libinotifytools0-dev libinotifytools0 libcommoncpp2-dev libboost-dev libboost-date-time-dev python2.7-dev libalsaplayer-dev libcdparanoia-dev libxfixes-dev alsaplayer alsaplayer-daemon gettext libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev libavutil-dev ffmpeg
  • Download the sources: (134MB) mms-1.1.0-2296-pre1.tgz
  • Untar it in e.g. /usr/local/src
    tar xfvz mms-1.1.0-2296-pre1.tgz
  • Enter the directory and perform a
    ./configure --use-internal-ffmpeg --enable-debug --enable-tv --enable-game --enable-weather --enable-notify-area --enable-clock --enable-python --enable-lirc --disable-inotify --enable-alsaplayer --disable-ffmpeg-thumb --enable-rip --disable-xine-audio --enable-opengl --enable-vbox --enable-res-switch

    Adjust the switches to your need (use --help to see all available switches.

  • Now build and install mms into /usr/local/
     make && make install
  • Start mms now like this:
    PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ mms -i keyboard

    If you don’t plan to use the Python plugins (they’re mostly outdated), leave out the python path.

Notes on the weather plugin
Add your city into /etc/mms/WeatherConfig. Look up your city at and paste it accordingly (see example) into the config file. At the moment the weekdays are in English for most languages. The only translation is German at the moment. Feel free to translate 🙂 (do the translation here: ~/plugins/features/weather/po)

Debian Package for Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 x64 Precise
The dependencies won’t be resolved by this package. You have to install the missing libraries yourself.

#apt-get install libccgnu2-1.7-0 libinotifytools0 libtagc0 alsaplayer-daemon libalsaplayer0 libboost-date-time1.46.1 alsa-utils ttf-bitstream-vera  liblircclient0 libavcodec53 libswscale2 libavformat53

You probably won’t here sound. It’s because your user isn’t in the audio group. User #vigr -s and #vigr and add your user to the audio:x:29: line. If /usr/local/share/mms/fonts is missing, create the directory and link #ln -s /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-bitstream-vera/Vera.ttf /usr/local/share/mms/fonts/.

Download: mms_20121222-1_amd64-yr1.deb [46MB]
MD5-Checksum: 2bb38e600760c5fdb11e2c41a0568364
Have fun.