Nvidia 180.25 and new mplayer-vdpau released

  1. use the patch mentioned on the first page, where line 704 was altered. Compile it.
  2. Go into your home directory:


  3. Now go into console mode (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and shut down KDE or Gnome

    /etc/init.d/kdm or gdm stop

  4. create the file .xinitrc and paste this into it:

    xterm -font 12x24 -fg white -bg black -geometry 80x25 &

  5. save the file and start X from command line


  6. Now enter your mplayer test string:

    mplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau my_h264_sample_here.mkv

  7. This should make all your your HD content in question work with the vdpau acceleration.

    Important hint:
    If you should suffer from a complaining X, that doesn’t like to start, or your output has almost slide-show quality (low frame rate), then try to make use of Nvidias native xorg.conf file, which the installer offers to create on the last step of installation. (The original xorg.conf file is being backu-ped anyway). This ensures, you don’t use things like compositing or OpenGL libs.
    You’ll likely will suffer from a ‘font xy not found’ or something. Open the xorg.conf file, and simply delete the appropriate line. Save it, and try startx again.

    Don’t try all this, if you are a novice!

    If you suffered from crashes, green lines in the picture or freezes, you might try this new version. If you want the Error 23/25 thing or tearing solved, you can stay on version 180.22 and the previous released mplayer-vdpau patch-set.

    Read ahead, if you encounter compilation bugs: