Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)

I’ve finished another MMS theme. The project page is: http://mms.mymediasystem.net/index-12.html
I’ve called the theme ‘Ocean’ because of its color. I know, I will certainly earn a prize for creativity, but however.
MMS became quite big, regarding the amount of icons in the theme, so it’s always a battle which icon to design from scratch, and which to take from the old theme.
I’ve replaced the icons in the startmenu, and left the audio icons like they are. Don’t know, but perhaps I’ll find some time, and design them also from scratch.

I’ve thrown out all stuff we don’t need anymore, and soft linked a lot. The new theme is now about 5MB in size, and is much smaller than the older one.

I’ve created this theme, because the old default one became too dull in my eyes. I wanted to have something more bright and clear.