Nvidia 3D Vision – Missing Application Support

[Update] Google Earth is now supported by Nvidia 3D Vision [/Update]
Nvidia’s 3D Vision shutter glasses are awesome, no doubt about it, BUT…

I’ve managed to control my negative emotions regarding the lack of driver support for my old Elsa 3D Revelator glasses. It’s also OK that the prize for the new 3D Vision glasses is pretty high. I think, as long as the support will last longer than it did for the 3D Revelator glasses, the prize will be fine for me, too. Continue reading “Nvidia 3D Vision – Missing Application Support”

First impression of the new Fujifilm Real 3D W1 2.0 Firmware Version

I was utterly psyched when I read the first time about the new firmware version for the Fujifilm Real 3D W1 streoscopic cam.
I’ve read on several sites, the new version enables the cam to shoot at a aspect ratio of 1.677, what means it’s the generic HDTV aspect ratio. Continue reading “First impression of the new Fujifilm Real 3D W1 2.0 Firmware Version”

Sample Pictures of the new FujiFilm Real 3D W1 Cam.

I’m quite interested in the new FujiFilm Real 3D W1 cam. It’s the first of its kind. She makes real 3D images (side-by-side), and do also movies at 640×480.
A lot has been written, and there quite a lot reviews about it. Continue reading “Sample Pictures of the new FujiFilm Real 3D W1 Cam.”

Online file converter for MS-and OpenOffice Documents

UPDATE 2017-06-20: This service has been shut down. Sorry.

I stumbled upon this really nice site, and spontaniously decided to code a small page,

wich lets you convert Office documents into various formats.

[update]Today I’ve found a few uploaded documents, which weren’t converted neither deleled. They all had a white space in their filename in common. I’ve fixed this bug, and deleted the documents. Sorry for the inconvenience.[/update] Continue reading “Online file converter for MS-and OpenOffice Documents”

HOWTO: Migration from VMWare to KVM (Linux)

migrating from vmware to kvmIf you’re not satisfied with VMWare’s support regarding Linux, and your VMWare Server 2.0.x doesn’t behave reliably, it’s time to migrate to KVM, if you are on Linux. I’ve done this, and I am quite happy. It’s working better, than I thought.
Although there are quite a few HOWTOs and Migration instructions, nevertheless none of them met my needs. This is a step be step migration guide for an Ubuntu Karmic (9.10). (Should work for SuSE, Gentoo and Fedora with a few mods, too) Continue reading “HOWTO: Migration from VMWare to KVM (Linux)”

HOWTO: Adding Multimedia Keys to MMS

This little HOWTO is nothing special, and have been mentioned at http://forum.mymediasystem.org before, but actually every second year I need one special command in order to teach MMS about the new Multimedia keys of my new keyboard. And guess what – I have alwas to look for it. To be precise, there are two such commands. To retrieve keycodes or scan codes from your keyboard use one of these: Continue reading “HOWTO: Adding Multimedia Keys to MMS”

Linux: Getting Information About Your Video Device

I was about to teach Skype about how to use HQ video transmission, means a transmission where your video resolution is more than 176×144 or 352×288 (PAL). I’ve read, that adding these lines into your $HOME/.Skype/<your skype user name here>/.config.xml


into the <Lib> section, would Skype make HQ Video transmission. But it didn’t for some reasons. Some mentioned to use also the <Fps> tag, but also gave the advice to check if the hardware even supports such frame-rates and resolutions. Continue reading “Linux: Getting Information About Your Video Device”

Linux Administration: The Top of the Tops

top 5 Linux top commandsIf you are a Linux beginner and want to look like a pro instantly, this is the right article for you!
Joke aside – it’s actually not for beginner only, these are my tools I’m using on a every-day basis. And I can’t imagine to live without them anymore. I’m going to show You my top 5 Linux command line top tools. This is actually a word pun, or a recursion, because the tools I’m talking about, do have the word ‘top’ in them. Here goes my extremely helpful collection: Continue reading “Linux Administration: The Top of the Tops”

nvgpumon – Nvidia GPU Performance Monitor for Windows 7 x64

Have you been looking for a performance monitor tool for your brand new and expensive Nvidia graphics card, and didn’t find anything working for a Windows 7 x64 system? Me either 😉

Even the brand new GPU-z tool, available in version 0.3.8 (as of 1st December, 2009) doesn’t show a graph on my Windows 7 x64. See picture to the right.
Continue reading “nvgpumon – Nvidia GPU Performance Monitor for Windows 7 x64”