Solved CUPS remote printing problem on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

[NOTE]Please drop a comment, if this article solved your problem. Many people are coming to this page having printing problems on Ubuntu 8.10, but I don’t know if the solution described on this page really helps. Thanks a lot.

I’m on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) now, and wanted to set up my printer, which actually is remotely connected to my server.
The Server is an Ubuntu 7.10, but with a very old (about 4y) samba config (smb.conf) and a freshly installed CUPS server. Originally it was a set up from the C’t Server project. I’ve tweaked the smb.conf a lot since those days, to keep this whole thing going. All was fine, even with my last client. It was an Ubuntu 8.04 installation.

The first weired thing was, that I couldn’t set up the printer with KDE->System->System-Settings->Samba->Printers. It simple was greyed out, no matter what I’ve tried. Then I simply tried KDE->System->Printing and entered under

New Printer -> "Windows Printer via SAMBA": smb://ZUHAUSE.XX/server/i865

Pressed “Forward” and entered for my Canon i865 the BLC-7100, which is the most compatible one to it. And selected the first proposal “Canon BJC-7100 Foomatic/gutenprint-ijs-simplified.5.2 [en] (recommended)

and hit “Print Test Page
But nothing happend!

On my local machine I’ve entered this in my browser “http://localhost:631/printers/BJC-7100” and saw the following message:

BJC-7100 (Default Printer) "Tree connect failed (NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD)"

cups error message bjc-7100 lanman problem
Then I’ve tried on the console:

Password: *****

and the result was:

Server requested LANMAN password (share-level security) but 'client lanman auth' is disabled
failed tcon_X with NT_STATUS_OK

After investigating a while, I’ve found this link: