[solved] Firefox: "Could not find compatible GRE" after Ubuntu 8.10 Upgrade

After an update of my Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) my Firefox didn’t want to start anymore.

This is what the command line returned after I started Firefox in there:

Could not find compatible GRE between version and 1.9.0.*.

The solution for the problem was quite simple. This line made Firefox work again:

sudo xulrunner-1.9 --register-global

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  1. your title – [solved] Firefox: “Could not find compatible GRE” after Ubuntu 8.10 Upgrade – Acmelabs’ Blog – caught my eye on the google blogsearch. Tahnks for writing this, I’ve added blog.mymediasystem.net to my reader, and will look forward to your next post.

  2. it does not work for, wish for help,could anybody email me how to fix it, thx in advance.
    e-mail: blaze1982<at>gmail<dot>com

  3. @blaze1982
    could you start firefox in the command line, and post its output? Thanks.

    PS: pls don’t post your email-address, or you’ll be spamed. I’ve at least modified it a bit.

  4. Thank you SO much.. you were the first hit in google and your solution worked… I’d never figured it out alone.

  5. gentoo yavuzselim # xulrunner-1.9 –register-global
    gentoo yavuzselim # exit
    yavuzselim@gentoo ~ $ firefox
    Could not find compatible GRE between version and
    yavuzselim@gentoo ~ $


  6. for thin client like DRBL or maybe LTSP user…..it didn’t work……try this….

    – login as root
    – on server, copy files 1.9.0.*.conf and 1.9.0.*.system.conf to flashdisk……. these files location in /etc/gre.d/……
    – on client, login as root(i’m using DRBL) and copy 2 files in /etc/gre.d/…..don’t forget to change mode 644 for 1.9.0.*.conf and 755 for 1.9.0.*.system.conf

    try to run firefox……..

    i hope it works…….

  7. I had to do some funky stuff to install my lotus notes and pooched my gre file. Came across this post and it took care of it. Thanks sooo much!!! The one thing i had to do a little different was run the following

    xulrunner –register-global

    in /usr/lib which i imagine is the same place the xulrunner-1.9 is for other people.


  8. cheers mate, did the trick. thank you for taking the time to post this, it looks like it helped a lot of people.

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