App Store vs. Android Market – Total Number of Apps on September 2010

I’ve been asking myself for quite a while if there is a nice chart, where I can see in one diagram the number of available applications in the Google Market and Apples App Store. Well – I just didn’t succeed, and that’s why I’ve fabricated one myself. It’s been done with Google’s Spreadsheet by the way.

My sources are

Here we go:

I was pretty sure the Android Market will catch up in the very near future, because of the tremendous success of the Android smartphones.
But now I’m a bit surprised, because if you just project the graphs into the future yourself there is no crossing point in sight.

It’s quite frustrating sometimes in the Android Market, if you search your applications on the try & error basis, even if you sort for the top rated applications. E.g. the subscription trap know app Talking Tom Cat Free is rated with 5 stars. People mention the subscription trap in their comments, but as it seems nobody cares. Sometimes people also asks (ironically) why a certain application is allowed to do paid calls, since there’s no obvious reason for it. And so forth and so forth.
That’s why I’m not sure, people searching in the App Store do have less troubles to sort out the good from the bad, although they do have a bunch more application they can choose from. This could even be bigger burden.
What I’m missing at the moment is a reliable source of app ratings.

3 thoughts on “App Store vs. Android Market – Total Number of Apps on September 2010

  1. Hi hbt,
    well yeah, today is the day actually where Google officially announced via Twitter there are now more than 100,000 apps in the Android Market. I think Androlib is counting all released apps so far, active as well as the non-active. I haven’t found a reliable source yet. If anybody provides more accurate data, I’m willing to update the graph.

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