[solved] Problems with CoreAVC 1.8.5 on Linux

[UPDATE] Alan fixed the Segmentation Fault issue for CoreAVC version, so Matroska files can be played back again. See this thread at his project site: #62. Thanks a lot Alan!
Playback of AVCHD still doesn’t work. Read this workaround for playing back AVCHD footage without CoreAVC.

On 17th of October CoreCodec released their decoder CoreAVC version
It’s not working for Linux at the moment. This is what happens if one one uses the dshowserver to test the functionality (like described here) of the new CoreAVCDecoder.ax library in /usr/lib/win32: Continue reading “[solved] Problems with CoreAVC 1.8.5 on Linux”

Issues with CoreAVC

I’m trying to run CoreAVC on Linux. The version I’m using is CoreAVC 1.8.0.
But it doesn’t work for footage from Canon’s HF100 or the Panasonic HDC-SD100. It’s stutter as hell if one let it run in interlaced mode, and if you are going to seek within the content, the playback behaves like a slideshow afterwards. Here’s my post I’ve send: Continue reading “Issues with CoreAVC”