HOWTO: Convert and write AVCHD (.mts) to DVD with Linux

You’ve got a brand-new AVCHD camcorder from Panasonic, Sony or Canon and recorded your kids the first time in HD quality and want now to show the footage to your children’s grandmother?
Sure, no problem.
Just plug your camcorder directly into your also brand-new BluRay-writer or convert and author the footage with your Windows box first 😉 *kidding*
We’re of course on Linux and we don’t have a BluRay-writer, at least grandma doesn’t have one. What now? Well – I assume granny has a DVD-player. And we’re in the game again. I assume also you know how to compile (see other articles at this site, if not) and you also know how to install missing packages (e.g.: “apt-get install dvdauthor growisofs” ).
We just need these free Linux tools: Continue reading “HOWTO: Convert and write AVCHD (.mts) to DVD with Linux”

A simple Linux DVD HOWTO in a command line

The Problem

You’ve got two .avi video files, and tovid didn’t work for you, but you need a DVD, because the person who wants to play this back only got an DVD-player.
Note:All the commands mentioned below are in the default Ubuntu Repo. I’m using Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex right now, but it should work for every other Distro, too. If a command does not work for you, because it’s not installed, use on Debian-systems apt-get search application-name ( aka aptitude search application-name ) to install the missing application. Continue reading “A simple Linux DVD HOWTO in a command line”