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VDR-Xine Plugin now with VDPAU support (HOWTO)

[UPDATE]Read here, how to install VDR on Karmic Koala with Binary Packages.[/UPDATE] Reinhard Nissl managed to get his vdr-xine plugin going with Nvidia’s vdpau hardware acceleration support. What does mean HDTV and H.264 (mpeg4/avc) hardware acceleration is reality now on Linux! YES!
He instructed me on IRC#xine-vdpau and guided me through the installation process. He had enormous patience, and didn’t stop to help me, although my whole system is a real mess now, because of all my try-outs regarding xine, mlayer and vdpau compilations and installations. I still have difficulties with two channels. Some reported a flawless playback. Continue reading

Ion – a tiny Media PC from Nvidia

First of all, the new thing about it isn’t its size, but its ability to work together with on Atom CPU from Intel. That’s not usual, since there’s been only one chip-set available so far, which is design to work with on Atom CPU, and that’s Intel’s 945GM. Now the GeForce 9400M chip-set will be able to cooperate with Intel’s low power and low buget CPU, the Atom. And you’ve read right. Continue reading

List of Currently Supported GPUs for NVIDIA’s VDPAU hardware acceleration

Currently supported VDPAU GPUs
NVIDIA released on 14th of November 2008 a driver for Linux, which is capable of accelerating H.264 encoded content on hardware. What is called NVIDIA PureVideo and is available for Windows since 2006, is now also available for the UNIX world. This new driver is told to work also on Solaris and BSD. Here’s a list of currently supported NVIDIA GPUs. You won’t find the 7. and former series, as far as I understood it, they’ll never will support PureVideo. Continue reading

NVIDIA’s VDPAU Driver, Version 180.16 – Hardware Acceleration for HD content (H.264) with major improvements.

I’ve just downloaded the latest NVIDIA 180.16 driver from 12th December, 2008 and tested it.

Follow the intructions here if you like to install NVIDIA’s Beta driver on a Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).

NVIDIA writes in the mplayer’s README.txt: Continue reading

NVIDIA VDPAU 180.11 test against .mts (AVCHD) and .mkv (Matroska/h264) playback

[UPDATE] Read here about the latest development of NVIDIA’s vdpau video output driver: Tag: vdpau
NVIDIA’s hardware acceleration for HD (H264) content is now reality since they published their first beta driver, the 180.06 on the 14th of November 2008. I’ve tested these new Beta driver here, and found a few bugs. I skipped the test of the driver 180.08 published 4 days later, but tested the 180.11 version from 2nd December, But before you continue: none of my found bugs were fixed. Only the OpenGL3.0 and other stuff I don’t need atm found their way into the new driver. The list below is short summary of the bugs I’ve found in the last 180.06 driver. All bugs are also present in the new one 180.11 driver. I won’t publish a new test if a new driver will be released, but simple update this section, and will add update comments to it: Continue reading

VDPAU – The NVIDIA 180.06 beta driver for Linux – or how to play back AVCHD with GPU acceleration

[UPDATE] Read here about the latest development of NVIDIA’s vdpau video output driver: Tag: vdpau
I’ve been waiting for this moment a very long time, and honestly speaking, I didn’t really believe I would play AVCHD content form my Canon HF100 with hardware acceleration on Linux in the next future.

But today I did. Yes!

This is going to be a little HOWTO about installing NVIDIA’s new Beta driver 180.06 on a Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).

Please consider this is all real Beta stuff, and it’s really not suitable for usage in a productive environment. I had more glitches, than successfull playback attempts, and the developers of NVIDIA don’t claim it’s a bullet prove application, like you can read it in this document: Continue reading

Linux – AVCHD (H.264) – hardware acceleration

[UPDATE] Read here about the latest development, regarding hardware acceleration on Linux: http://blog.mymediasystem.net/?tag=vdpau

The truth about Linux’ capability of playing back AVCHD content

NEWS! It’s getting tense! Read this post from the NVIDIA Manager Andy Ritger: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg/2008-November/040279.html

This section is going to be about my experiences with Linux and HD television. It covers topics like VDR und h264 support. Playing back mpeg transport stream (mts/m2ts) footage from camcorders like Canon’s HF100 or Panasonic’s HDC-SD100. Both cams record in the AVCHD format, aka mpeg4/AVC. This page will also describe my progresses playing back this AVCHD footage. No – I’m not there yet ;-) Continue reading

Adobe Flash Player 10 and Hardware Acceleration for Linux

A buzz word is going around: hardware acceleration regarding Linux and GPU usage

Adobe has announced the finale release of its Flash Player. The Version 10.
It’s been said, it’s capable of using hardware acceleration under Linux, and that may be the truth actually. But – we are not talking about H.264 acceleration and we are talking about more limitation than only that: Read the blog of Kaourantin for more details. Or a more brief story here.
The statement, Linux won’t have hardware acceleraton for H.264 content in near future is as real as before.
But now I know at least why my fullscreen flash playback gave me 5 frames/sec. It’s because I’m using compiz. This is a no-go combination.