XBMC on Karmic with VDPAU and VDR

If I read the title “XBMC on Karmic with VDPAU and VDR“, then I think not many people out there, beside the experts, understand what this is all about. It’s about a good looking Media Center for Linux, which can handle HD content from your camcorder or HDTV streams from cable or satellite. Read here about the available PPA repositories, the differences between them and how to set this whole thing up, without loosing the overview. Continue reading “XBMC on Karmic with VDPAU and VDR”

VDPAU: stable 180.44 and 185.19 beta driver

There are two major highlights about the two last released Nvidia VDPAU drivers. The first one is, that the stable driver 180.44 fixed an ugly bug in the x86_64 branch, concerning the VC-1 playback. And the second even better news is, that the ugly resource problem seems to be fixed in the 185.19 beta driver. Even systems with on-board graphics adapters (shared graphics memory) seem to work now without any issues anymore.

Here are the the release news from the VDPAU point of view: Continue reading “VDPAU: stable 180.44 and 185.19 beta driver”

[solved] ath5k missing on Intrepid Ibex after upgrade

Today I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex onto 2.6.27-11-14 and lost my perfectly working ath5k wireless driver for my Abit PCI-E Wi-Fi Card.
I’ve added this driver manually before, by installing linux-backports-modules-intrepid. But the dirver is gone today.
Reading a lot I’ve found only one working solution for me: I’ve installed them from source. This is a small HowTo on how to do it:
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