HowTo: Installation of an Ubuntu Cloud Image at Home (on a Xenial – 16.04)

This HowTo describes an installation of an Ubuntu Cloud Image on a home-server running Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS) with qemu-kvm. This will be done without the help of libvirt, which comes with an additional abstraction layer I don’t really need. This blog post is more about basic understanding of virtualization and how it is set up in a more or less simple way – unfortunately it’ll be more complex than I initially thought. But with this HowTo this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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HOWTO: Adding Multimedia Keys to MMS

This little HOWTO is nothing special, and have been mentioned at before, but actually every second year I need one special command in order to teach MMS about the new Multimedia keys of my new keyboard. And guess what – I have alwas to look for it. To be precise, there are two such commands. To retrieve keycodes or scan codes from your keyboard use one of these: Continue reading “HOWTO: Adding Multimedia Keys to MMS”

[solved] vmware: wrong/broken keyboard mapping

I’ve installed VMware Server 2.0 ( from 2008/10/29 | Build: 122956) on a 64bit Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), and set up a Fedora9 and a Ubuntu 8.10 32bit instance. Unfortunately the keyboard mapping was messed up pretty much. If I tried to go up with the arrow key a “save screenshot” window poped up. I only was able to use the navigation keys on the num-pad. A bunch of other keys didn’t work either. Either I was tired or a bit too silly to find the solution for the problem quickly. At the end it was simply a wrong search pattern in Google and laziness to read more thoroughly. Continue reading “[solved] vmware: wrong/broken keyboard mapping”