Creating 3gp Videos with Linux

For the impatient: Read here the compendium.

Recently I’ve bought a mid-range mobile phone for my wife. It’s a Nokia 2700 Classic for about 100€. At this price level you don’t have a sophisticated video support regarding recording or playback. You don’t have avi, wmv or flv support. The only video format the mobile phone understands is 3gp. Continue reading “Creating 3gp Videos with Linux”

TechniSat Skystar2 – The Final Solution

I apologize profusely, but the title is ironic. There actually is no real solution, I took another DVB card. And this after more than 5 years of agony.

Tonight I had a dream. In this dream I had a time machine. Many people would definitely do a lot crazy and interesting things with a time machine. But I would travel back in time, to the day where I was about to come to a decision which DVB card to buy for my new Home Theater PC running with VDR, and I would prevent me buying the Skystar2 DVB card somehow. Continue reading “TechniSat Skystar2 – The Final Solution”

Midnight: again a new theme for MMS (My Media System)

OK, I guess that’s the last one. My next holidays are far away, and such a theme isn’t possible while I’m working.
This theme is again an homage to all depressive ones. It’s really dark. The darkest dark, I’ve ever created so far, and the bird on the front page is looking mean too. What do you want more 😉
Continue reading “Midnight: again a new theme for MMS (My Media System)”

Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)

I’ve finished another MMS theme. The project page is:
I’ve called the theme ‘Ocean’ because of its color. I know, I will certainly earn a prize for creativity, but however.
MMS became quite big, regarding the amount of icons in the theme, so it’s always a battle which icon to design from scratch, and which to take from the old theme. Continue reading “Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)”

Ion – a tiny Media PC from Nvidia

First of all, the new thing about it isn’t its size, but its ability to work together with on Atom CPU from Intel. That’s not usual, since there’s been only one chip-set available so far, which is design to work with on Atom CPU, and that’s Intel’s 945GM. Now the GeForce 9400M chip-set will be able to cooperate with Intel’s low power and low buget CPU, the Atom. And you’ve read right. Continue reading “Ion – a tiny Media PC from Nvidia”

My Media System (MMS) 1.1.0 RC9 released

My Media System (MMS), the light, fast and easy Open Source Media Center for Linux released yesterday in the version 1.1.0 RC9. This is going to be the last release candidate before final. If all goes as planed, around Christmas we’ll have finally a new stable MMS version. The last stable version was version, and was released on Monday 20. of August 2007. But 1.1.0 is different. Actually it’s almost a rewrite of the whole code.
This RC9 is a real milestone. Many new features and some real ugly bugs have been removed (Thanks Lorenzo). The removed bugs list is quite impressive anyway (see link below). Continue reading “My Media System (MMS) 1.1.0 RC9 released”

HOWTO install My Media System 1.1.0 (MMS) on Fedora9

My Media System (MMS) is a slim, easy and free Media Center for Linux. After a very long release candidate phase (RC1-9), is MMS 1.1.0 about raring to go. I’m personally running my MMS 1.1.0 on a Fedora8, what hasn’t been easy in the past, since the main focus seems to be on Debian, or Debian based systems like Ubuntu. I’ve been told recently, that there is also a binary package in the Mandriva repository. Well – didn’t know that.
Anyway – this HOWTO describes how you can install MMS 1.1.0 on a freshly installed and updated Fedora9 (32bit). As soon as Fedora10 is stable, I’ll report back about it, too. But first here’s my system, I’ve used for this article: Continue reading “HOWTO install My Media System 1.1.0 (MMS) on Fedora9”

XBMC installation on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) x86_64 + short review

[UPDATE] XMBC is now available as binary package for Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex). Add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

Perform an ‘apt-get update‘ before you install it via ‘apt-get install xbmc‘. If you intend to install XBMC manually (e.g. for development supporting reasons), go ahead reading. Continue reading “XBMC installation on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) x86_64 + short review”

Setting up a serial LIRC receiver at COM2

Serial LIRC receiver diode with an D-Sub 9 connector
Serial LIRC receiver diode with an D-Sub 9 connector

This is a little HOWTO about setting up LIRC at another port than usual.

Nowadays most boards coming to market do only posses one serial port. Unfortunately it’s a common habit leaving away the D-Sub 9 back-panel mount. Actually there’s only a pin array on the motherboard itself.
If you only have a serial LIRC receiver you want to connect, and nothing else, like a UPS or stuff, you can just buy such a cable for a few cent. See pic: Continue reading “Setting up a serial LIRC receiver at COM2”