No more patching: mplayer with official vdpau support

As of now it’s not necessary to patch mplayer for vdpau anymore.
I’ve just updated my mplayer with ‘svn up‘ to revision number 28699, and saw, that a new switch was added to the official mplayer subversion branch 🙂 :

./configure --help | grep -i vdpau
--enable-vdpau enable VDPAU acceleration [autodetect]

So no more patching is needed anymore. You can even leave out the switch, because it’s set to ‘[autodetect]‘. This will only be used of course, if you have Nvidia’s vdpau drivers installed. At the moment driver version 180.29 works fine for me here, and it’s also available from this experimental repository [1].

CoreAVC 1.9.0 for Linux (howto for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10)

I stated here, I won’t touch CoreAVC for Linux anymore, because VDPAU is performing so well, but since so many visitors were attracted by my last short article about CoreAVC 1.9.0, I decided to look a bit closer at it.
I’ve compiled two versions of mplayer and they worked more or less good for me (read below): Continue reading “CoreAVC 1.9.0 for Linux (howto for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10)”

VDPAU: how to fix green screen problem with mplayer-vdpau-3482714

I’ve been getting a green screen playing back a few .mkv videos. The video stopped playing exactly after one minute and five seconds. I’ve reported this here, and I’ve tried a lot of silly things. The time I did this, I was using Nvidia 180.27 and the mplayer-vdpau-3402051.
Now, since the launchpad PPA repository for the nvidia-vdpau driver has been updated too, I’m on Nvidia driver version 180.29 and have also downloaded the new mplayer-vdpau-3482714. Continue reading “VDPAU: how to fix green screen problem with mplayer-vdpau-3482714”

VDPAU: does my graphics card support VC-1

[UPDATE]Since Nvidia driver version 180.35 almost all Nvidia graphics cards starting with the 8xxx series are able to play back VC-1 content.[/UPDATE]
VC-1 is one of three open standards for HD DVD and more important these days, the Blu-Ray disk.

If you’ve already bought a graphics cards, and you are not certain if your card support VC-1 with Nvidias new VDPAU driver, you’ve got two possibilities to find out if your card does support VC-1 natively.
Install nvclock: Continue reading “VDPAU: does my graphics card support VC-1”

mplayer-vdpau: The "Error 23" issue

There are some .mkv files, that refuses to play with the latest mplayer-vdpau (nvidia-180.18 + mplayer-vdpau-3263604. The error code, they return is:

Error 23 at libvo/vo_vdpau.c:724

Some recommend at the nvidia forum to change line 94 in libvo/vo_vdpau, and set up the value below up to anything higher:
Continue reading “mplayer-vdpau: The "Error 23" issue”

Mplayer-vdpau: Matroska (.mkv) and AVCHD (.mts) now both working

Nvidia released on 22th its new vdpau driver version 180.18, but not the corresponding mplayer-vdpau. One day later they also released a new mplayer-vdpau. The version 3263604.
I’ve reported a more or less working TwinView for vdpau version 180.18 on a x86_64 Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), but today the situation look a bit different: Continue reading “Mplayer-vdpau: Matroska (.mkv) and AVCHD (.mts) now both working”

vdpau 180.18 now supports TwinView – sometimes

Nvidia released on 22th December a new vdpau driver, the version 180.18. Here’s the release note: To be honest, I didn’t suck out much of it. So I’ve tested the x86_64 version against my three notorious candidates, like I did before for [1,2,3,4,5].

  1. Matroska (.mkv) still stutter (jerky playback)
  2. Sync_to_VBlank is still being ignored -> Tearing
  3. TwinView is working! (almost)
    Continue reading “vdpau 180.18 now supports TwinView – sometimes”