New Mplayer slows down AVCHD footage

I’ve built the latest mplayer trunk (r29664) in order being able to play back 3gp videos with sound. All was fine and my 3gp videos had sound after I’ve installed the appropriate libraries, built and compiled the current mplayer version.
But after a while I’ve noticed, that mplayer, no matter how I’ve invoked it (with or without my mplayer-vdpau wrapper script for My Media System), played back my AVCHD footage from my Canon HF100 in slow motion (e.g. half speed), and the sound of course wasn’t in sync either. Continue reading “New Mplayer slows down AVCHD footage”

List of Currently Supported GPUs for NVIDIA's VDPAU hardware acceleration

Currently supported VDPAU GPUs
NVIDIA released on 14th of November 2008 a driver for Linux, which is capable of accelerating H.264 encoded content on hardware. What is called NVIDIA PureVideo and is available for Windows since 2006, is now also available for the UNIX world. This new driver is told to work also on Solaris and BSD. Here’s a list of currently supported NVIDIA GPUs. You won’t find the 7. and former series, as far as I understood it, they’ll never will support PureVideo. Continue reading “List of Currently Supported GPUs for NVIDIA's VDPAU hardware acceleration”

Playback Problem of AVCHD (.mts) with CoreAVC

Like in older versions, such as 1.7.0 and 1.8.0, CoreAVC version 1.8.5 has still problems playing back AVCHD. The affected camcorder models I know of are:

  • Canon HF10
  • Canon HF100
  • Panasonic HDC-SD1
  • Panasonic HDC-SD5
  • Panasonic HDC-SD9
  • Panasonic HDC-SD100

The playback still jitter a lot if used without a deinterlacer, and I’ve got about 10 frames a second (estimated). Seeking within the footage works now, wheres regarding the existing problems it’s a really cold comfort.
A workaround, for playing back AVCHD footage is described here at several places. Just use latest mplayer and a decent CPU.
If anybody likes to extend the list of affected camcorder models, please post them here, I’ll update the list above and will keep tracking this issue.

The Linux AVCHD (.mts) Playback HOWTO with MPlayer

Alan fixed the Segmentation Fault issue for CoreAVC version, so Matroska files can be played back again. See this thread at his project site: #62

Unfortunately AVCHD has still issues. So CoreAVC version still doesn’t work regarding playback of AVCHD footage from my Canon HF100. I think Panasonic HDC-SD1/5/9/100 is also affected.
If you have a at least 2.7GHz processor, you can use the latest mplayer from their repository. Continue reading “The Linux AVCHD (.mts) Playback HOWTO with MPlayer”