Sed – Renaming with Linux [Part 2]

Some time ago I wrote an article about renaming multiple filenames [1]. Now it happened I needed to rename several subtitles for Star Trek Enterprise because, I’m using a self-made mplayer-wrapper script to load subtitles automatically. Therefor the subtitle filename, usually a Sub Rip Text (.srt) file from tvsubtitles have to be in a form like S01E01 or 1x24.

The two according lines in my mplayer-vdpau wrapper script, which I use in My Media System (MMS) looks like this: Continue reading “Sed – Renaming with Linux [Part 2]”

Howto strip/crop and rename multiple file names in a commad line (Linux)

Today was again the day where I needed to rename over 100 file names of an mp3-collection. And again it took me half an hour to make it work. That’s way I decided to write it down now, so I won’t have to think about it again.

The situation is very simple to explain.
My brother-in-law wanted his legally purchased mp3-collection renamed, because he renamed every single song title to something not very smart before. Now some of these mp3s refuses to be inserted into a k3b project list, in order to be recorded onto a DVD-R. Continue reading “Howto strip/crop and rename multiple file names in a commad line (Linux)”