3D Revelator reloaded

Over the last view weeks I’ve read a view reviews about Nvidia’s new 3D shutter glasses – the Nvidia 3D Vision. I also wrote a short Blog article about it, and about the differences to the old ELSA 3D Revelator shutter glasses. I’ve pointed out, why their new (still to be published?) stereo driver very likely won’t be compatible to the old 3D Revelator.

I haven’t looked for quite a while for anything regarding 3D shutter glasses, so one can say I’m pretty much out of this business. Continue reading “3D Revelator reloaded”

GeForce 3D Vision vs. Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses

Nvidia 3D VisionSure, it’s an odd title, because Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses have been released 1999 and aren’t available anymore.

Well – at eBay they are.

Just imagine to use this new 3D webcam (Minoru) with Skype and see your partner on the other side in 3D.

I’ve read a lot about Nvidia’s new shutter glasses, the GeForce 3D Vision. And my first question was: Hey – can I use my old Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses with the new Nvidia driver on my Windows XP installation? Continue reading “GeForce 3D Vision vs. Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses”

SimCity2000 in a DosBox on Linux for free

Abandonware – a Wikipedia definition:

Abandonware refers to computer software that is no longer sold or supported, or whose copyright ownership may be unclear for various reasons. …

Well – SimCity2000 (SC2000) is told to be abandonware. So I’ve downloaded simcity2000.zip [2.3MB] from the year 1993, and tried to run the INSTALL.EXE with wine. Hehe, good joke. That doesn’t work of course, and I’ve got this: Continue reading “SimCity2000 in a DosBox on Linux for free”