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Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang

Funny theme name: “Unnamed Lite“, isn’t it.

After my heavily customized theme Blocks have been pulled to pieces after my final optimization attempt, I’ve been looking for a theme, which does offer the features I like to have, without screwing around to much.

Theme Unnamed Lite seems to be my candidate so far. These are the following advantages I’ve found out so far: Continue reading

Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)

I’ve finished another MMS theme. The project page is: http://mms.mymediasystem.net/index-12.html
I’ve called the theme ‘Ocean’ because of its color. I know, I will certainly earn a prize for creativity, but however.
MMS became quite big, regarding the amount of icons in the theme, so it’s always a battle which icon to design from scratch, and which to take from the old theme. Continue reading

New Icons for MMS

I’ve created a new MMS icon for the final release.
Let’s see if Anders is going to like it. I do :-)

The black color in the background comes from the conversion of the png image. It should be white actually. Click on the image for the bigger [148kb] png image to see the correct colors.