Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang

Funny theme name: “Unnamed Lite“, isn’t it.

After my heavily customized theme Blocks have been pulled to pieces after my final optimization attempt, I’ve been looking for a theme, which does offer the features I like to have, without screwing around to much.

Theme Unnamed Lite seems to be my candidate so far. These are the following advantages I’ve found out so far: Continue reading “Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang”

Midnight: again a new theme for MMS (My Media System)

OK, I guess that’s the last one. My next holidays are far away, and such a theme isn’t possible while I’m working.
This theme is again an homage to all depressive ones. It’s really dark. The darkest dark, I’ve ever created so far, and the bird on the front page is looking mean too. What do you want more 😉
Continue reading “Midnight: again a new theme for MMS (My Media System)”

Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)

I’ve finished another MMS theme. The project page is:
I’ve called the theme ‘Ocean’ because of its color. I know, I will certainly earn a prize for creativity, but however.
MMS became quite big, regarding the amount of icons in the theme, so it’s always a battle which icon to design from scratch, and which to take from the old theme. Continue reading “Ocean: a new theme for My Media System (MMS)”

New Icons for MMS

I’ve created a new MMS icon for the final release.
Let’s see if Anders is going to like it. I do 🙂

The black color in the background comes from the conversion of the png image. It should be white actually. Click on the image for the bigger [148kb] png image to see the correct colors.