HOWTO: Migration from VMWare to KVM (Linux)

migrating from vmware to kvmIf you’re not satisfied with VMWare’s support regarding Linux, and your VMWare Server 2.0.x doesn’t behave reliably, it’s time to migrate to KVM, if you are on Linux. I’ve done this, and I am quite happy. It’s working better, than I thought.
Although there are quite a few HOWTOs and Migration instructions, nevertheless none of them met my needs. This is a step be step migration guide for an Ubuntu Karmic (9.10). (Should work for SuSE, Gentoo and Fedora with a few mods, too) Continue reading “HOWTO: Migration from VMWare to KVM (Linux)”

VMware-server 2.0.x Installation HOWTO for Karmic Koala (x86_64)

[UPDATE]This HOWTO works also for VMware-Server 2.0.2[/UPDATE], but after all I’ve migrated my VMs to KVM: Here’s a detailed HOWTO

I was trying to install the VMware server 2.0.1 x86_64 on my new Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-13) server, but I’ve got a bunch of errors. Looking for an any-any patch haven’t been successful, but I’ve found an discussion thread, where the problem was solved. Unfortunately it sucks a bit going through the links and threads. That’s why here is a short and clear HOWTO with an already fixed patch: Continue reading “VMware-server 2.0.x Installation HOWTO for Karmic Koala (x86_64)”

[solved] vmware: wrong/broken keyboard mapping

I’ve installed VMware Server 2.0 ( from 2008/10/29 | Build: 122956) on a 64bit Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), and set up a Fedora9 and a Ubuntu 8.10 32bit instance. Unfortunately the keyboard mapping was messed up pretty much. If I tried to go up with the arrow key a “save screenshot” window poped up. I only was able to use the navigation keys on the num-pad. A bunch of other keys didn’t work either. Either I was tired or a bit too silly to find the solution for the problem quickly. At the end it was simply a wrong search pattern in Google and laziness to read more thoroughly. Continue reading “[solved] vmware: wrong/broken keyboard mapping”