Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang

Funny theme name: “Unnamed Lite“, isn’t it.

After my heavily customized theme Blocks have been pulled to pieces after my final optimization attempt, I’ve been looking for a theme, which does offer the features I like to have, without screwing around to much.

Theme Unnamed Lite seems to be my candidate so far. These are the following advantages I’ve found out so far: Continue reading “Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang”

Tweaking the WP-StatPress WordPress Plugin

I’ve tried a few statistics plugins for WordPress. You know, such, where the visits per day, week, month, etc are counted, and a lot other information, too. Below is a (by far not complete) list of WordPress statistics plugins I’ve tried. But all of them didn’t meet my needs in one ore more things. But the StatPress plugin, has also disadvantages I don’t like. One of it is, you can’t adjust the number of results for Last hists, Last search terms, Last referrest, Last agents, Last Pages and Last Spiders.
And this is exactly where this article comes into the game. I’ve wrote a little patch, that makes this adjustable. Continue reading “Tweaking the WP-StatPress WordPress Plugin”

Hacked after installing WP Security Scan plugin

If your WordPress installation is owned and defaced and you’re in a hurry, jump right to the Solution the top of the next page. But watch out, it could be a different problem.

I’m new to WordPress and was asking myself what I can do to secure my Blog. I’ve tried the WP Security Scan plugin, since I’ve stumbled upon it a few times.
I didn’t read the instructions thoroughly and so it came my wp-config.php file wasn’t writable. After the run of the WP – Database Security feature my Blog looked like a fresh install.
I’ve started to read the comments at site of the plugin, but it took me a while to find out what to do.
So a few kids took their chance to defaced my site. Why kids? – Simple: Continue reading “Hacked after installing WP Security Scan plugin”

HOWTO change avatar size in WordPress

The Problem:
The default icon size of the avatar in WordPress is too small. (Go directly to step 4, if you’re in a hurry)
As a WordPress novice I’ve been looking for a switch to change the avatar size, but I couldn’t find any. If you login as SiteAdmin and go to Settings->Discussion, there’s only the possibility to choose between

  • Mystery Man
  • Blank
  • Gravatar Logo
  • Identicon (Generated)
  • Wavatar (Generated)
  • MonsterID (Generated)

Continue reading “HOWTO change avatar size in WordPress”