Midnight: again a new theme for MMS (My Media System)

OK, I guess that’s the last one. My next holidays are far away, and such a theme isn’t possible while I’m working.
This theme is again an homage to all depressive ones. It’s really dark. The darkest dark, I’ve ever created so far, and the bird on the front page is looking mean too. What do you want more 😉

The project site, where you can download it for MMS-1.1.0-RC9 is: http://mms.mymediasystem.net/index-13.html. Cool, even the index is 13! Awesome!

Like in the the Ocean-theme, in the directory ‘general’ is a background picture called bg-notux.png. It’s a 800×600 pixels in size, and is for all those of us, who can’t stand this silly little bird staring at you all the time.

Regarding the startmenu, this is the must sophisticated theme I’ve created so far. There are of course thing left to do, but it’s ready to be used, I think.

Here comes version 0.3 with new audio icons. The picture get better now 🙂

Have fun.