Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang

Funny theme name: “Unnamed Lite“, isn’t it.

After my heavily customized theme Blocks have been pulled to pieces after my final optimization attempt, I’ve been looking for a theme, which does offer the features I like to have, without screwing around to much.

Theme Unnamed Lite seems to be my candidate so far. These are the following advantages I’ve found out so far:

  • unobtrusive look
  • three columns
  • my widgets fits all into the sidebars
  • upload of a custom header image
  • the SI CAPTCHA plugin is playing nicely with this theme

What took a heavy surgical intervention on theme Blocks, most things worked here out of the box. No width corrections for the sidebars, no header image adjustment in the sources. SI CAPTCHA works flawlessly.

The few things I didn’t like about this theme, where pretty much easy to correct.

  • Sidebars doesn’t show up in Single– and Page view. I’ve simple inserted this in sidebar.php in line 162:
    || is_single() || is_page()

    right after this:

    <?php /* Frontpage */ if (is_home() 

    Frontpage occurs only once, so it’s easy to find.

  • This Blog relies on code citing with “<pre>sample code here</pre>”, so it’s absolutely unacceptable if code is truncated. Add this (somewhere) to your style.css (the following is such a block):
    pre {
  • Also tables are too much understated or unremarkable. I’ve simply colorized them a bit. Add this add the end of your styles.css
    table {
    border:1px solid #B0BEC7;
    table tr td {
    border-top:1px solid #B0BEC7;
    table tr th {
  • And finally, but that's not worth mentioning it, I've changes a few captions regarding the comments.php. Since an mail address isn't mandatory, I've added the text "Optional".

In my eyes, it's an manageable work for a theme which you are satisfied with, isn't it.
Should I loose these settings, e.g. with the new WordPress 2.8 "upgrade automatically" feature, it's now documented for me, and I can redo the work again.

It's a nice theme anyway.

Thanks Mr. Yiyang.

3 thoughts on “Tweaking WordPress: Theme Unnamed Lite by Xu Yiyang

  1. Hi, I’m new to WordPress blogs and have just installed the same Unnamed template because it suited my needs the best. I’m not familiar with PHP. I know where the template files are to edit and was wondering what would need to be done to the Page templates to eliminate the second column all together? I’d like my pages to be the full width of the page. I eliminated the call to the sidebar but it don’t do anything. Any advice/help you could provide would be much appreciated.


  2. Hi,
    in /usr/share/wordpress/wp-content/themes/unnamed-lite/style.css (in my case), there are tags such as #sidebar and #content.
    The easiest way (not the smartest), is to increase the width:xxxpx; in #content by the value witdh:xxxxpx; found in #sidebar.
    In other words, you let one grow wider, and makes the other in way thinner, it literally disappears.
    Before you do anything, backup you file.


  3. Would that only affect the page template? I want the second column on the home page of the blog site. thanks for your quick feedback. I’ll tinker and see what I find out.


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