vdpau 180.18 now supports TwinView – sometimes

Nvidia released on 22th December a new vdpau driver, the version 180.18. Here’s the release note:
http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=1882835. To be honest, I didn’t suck out much of it. So I’ve tested the x86_64 version against my three notorious candidates, like I did before for [1,2,3,4,5].

  1. Matroska (.mkv) still stutter (jerky playback)
  2. Sync_to_VBlank is still being ignored -> Tearing
  3. TwinView is working! (almost)
    1. Well – the big news is, TwinView is now some sort of working. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. Can’t figure out, what is causing it not to work occasionally. But it now I can use my second monitor again, since I’m pretty much used to.

      I’ve tested the mplayer version vdpau-3219724, since there was no new up.

      I’ve also recompiled xine-vdpau 180th subversion revision, and tried out vdr-sxfe and my working method here:

      xine --verbose=2 "xvdr+tcp:// cache;demux:mpeg_block"

      but I couldn’t recognize any improvements. Au contraire – zapping onto another channels still crashed, and playing back HD stations even make sometimes the whole screen flicker until I stop the xine player.

      So my personal, and not very representative conclusion is, that we came again a little step closer. I at least don’t have to turn of the second monitor for testing now. That’s quite a relief for me. And watching AVCHD is working flawlessly now, like it did already in the prior version.

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