VDR-Xine Plugin now with VDPAU support (HOWTO)


Reinhard Nissl mentioned in a email he sent me this morning, a few corrections have to be made in ~/.xine/config and a few other things:

  • engine.buffers.video_num_buffers:1500

    With this setting I could see the Astra HD Proma channel, but it got frozen, after a few seconds. I’ve got to set this value to 2500 to make it work for me.

  • Additionally the sound need correction to:


    the default value is 250.

  • He also suggested to apply this little patch. I did it manuall, since it’s only a copy and paste of one line, and one delete line.
  • He also mentioned, that it’s all not that stable, and suffer from freezes, glitches and a/v desync.
  • http://www.jusst.de/vdpau/ should contain the current patch against xine-lib-1.2. The revision number in xine-lib-1.2-vdpau-rxxx.diff.bz2 refers to the xine-vdpau revision number.
  • vdpau is syncing to frequency of the display. Should you have a 60Hz content being displayed on a 50Hz display results in “throwing away” messages.

A huge thanks again to Reinhard Nissl!

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