XBMC installation on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) x86_64 + short review

First impression

I was very pleased by the look when I saw it the first time. It really looks nice and has an animated gui. You can also use mouse to navigate (right mouse click to go back) as well as keyboard.

XBMC default keyboard layout: ABCDEF
XBMC default keyboard layout: ABCDEF

I’ve configured the weather plugin, and entered the town I live in. An on-screen keyboard lets you enter the letters with the mouse easily, unfortunately not the QWERTY but the ABCDEF type of keyboard is used per default (don’t know jet, if can be adjusted FIXME). So this circumstance makes me look like a complete novice to the keyboard (search&hit). Usually if i want to see somebody typing this speed I have to go my parents ;-). Well, at least it’s a valid cure against my arrogance (hehe). Sounds worse than it actually is, since you can use the keyboard for input, too.

I’ve tried to configure also the location for my pictures, and didn’t managed to add a location for my pictures that is outside my home folder (/data/Fotos). XBMC didn’t let me click to the root level, and after I’ve entered it manually (keyboard), the folder was empty. I’ve tried to link the /data/Fotos folder into /home/acme, but since then XBMC started to crash every time I’ve try to start it

acme@pulsar:~/.xbmc$ SDL_VIDEO_FULLSCREEN_HEAD=0 xbmc -fs
Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.ScreenSaver was not provided by any .service files
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

OK, the XBMC team mention on their site:

    Note! This is an initial Linux port. It does not yet include all the features of XBMC. Don’t expect too much. For more information read the XBMC for Linux port project article in this wiki.

That’s why I think it’s not for productive use in the living-room yet, but it’s really nice to see Linux is coming much closer to the Mac and Windows world regarding the quality, look and variety of available media centers.
For now I’ll keep using My Media System, since it’s the most stable and more easy to configure (not Lirc) media center for a HTPC I know right now.

All in all, the XBMC team has my full respect for this excellent work. I’m really happy to see the OS scene is prospering and growing. I’ll think I saw a few bits and pieces they’re worth discussing to add them to the MMS, (My Media System) too, e.g. the on-the-fly resize of the window with its content resizing accordingly and the on-screen-keyboard (but please with the QWERTY mode).

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  1. Excellent!
    Thank for the TwinView command. I was going crazy trying to figure this out. Also, thanks for the Nvidia xorg as well. I knew the Nvidia applet didn’t work, but the lines you’ve provided helped out tremendously.

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